Our Vision


Our company vision is to work pro actively alongside our clients, and their clients, within the LV and HV utility market sector. To provide a first class, safety led engineering service to cover design, maintenance and repair of overhead powerlines in the UK and Ireland.

        Our Services


* Overhead Line Patrolling and Surveying - Wood Pole (LV, 11kV & 33kV)


* Overhead Line Construction - Wood Pole (LV, 11kV & 33kV)


* Overhead Line Inspection, Maintenance & Repair - Wood Pole (LV, 11kV & 33kV)


* Wood Pole Installation Services

* Civil Works - Excavator Drivers/Operators


        Our Solution


Our solution is to provide highly skilled and expertly trained teams of engineers, along with a pole erection team, for all types of overhead powerline design, maintenance and repair.


Our fully trained engineers have many years of LV and HV knowledge and experience.

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